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Butternut Squash Soup

I’ve always been somewhat unimpressed by butternut squash. But I’ve had my squash-ism challenged a couple of times recently.

Several weeks ago I attempted a recipe from the Alinea book, the mighty, beautiful, intimidating and accomplished tome from Grant Achatz, of Alinea in Chicago. The dish: ‘KUROGE WAGYU’ (not wagyu in my case!) had as one of its (only 10) components slices of squash (I used butternut instead of the recipes acorn variety). The squash was sous vide-ed in rendered beef fat, and then spread with a smoked paprika yoghurt glaze, and grilled. I just loved this, and have since served a variation as an amuse bouche (without the glaze and some dehydrated red pepper and garlic crisp – also from the Alinea recipe). I also used butter instead of the beef fat for that one. The controlled poach of the sous vide allows the texture of the squash to be perfectly balanced throughout – not at all mushy but succumbs immediately to the first bite. And the buttery sweet taste worked beautifully with both the paprika and then later with the pepper and garlic.

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My second butternut squash renaissance moment occurred last week when I eventually got ’round to making Heston Blumenthal’s recipe for soup of said gourd. It’s from his first book: Family Food, which is a great book aimed at inspiring families to get involved in the kitchen together and to let kids begin to enjoy making and thinking about food. The soup’s described in glowing terms in the book, and the recipe can be found here (saving me the job of typing it in – hoora!).

The soup was easy to make and tasted great, I had some lardons in the fridge and so grilled them, made some croûtons and roasted some cubes of squash as well – and added some shaved parmesan as suggested, which meant for a really rich and luxurious soup – scrumulous.



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