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Wine Club the 1st…

Well I’m eventually getting ’round to posting details of our 1st wine club (now that the second evening’s imminent…).

We’ve decided to meet monthly to work through the exercises from Jancis Robinson’s How to Taste Wine Book.

The book starts with two chapters which serve as an introduction to the whole wine drinking endeavour: ‘Learning to Taste’ followed by ‘Practical Matters’ – which deals with topics such as storing and serving wine which glasses to use etc. The following four chapters deal with: white grape wines, white grape wines, strong and sparkling wines, and wine and food respectively. Lastly there’s a glossary.

The evening was super dooper…

Wines were suggested and supplied by Robert of the delectable Bay Wines in Helen’s Bay

We kicked off with blind tasting comparing a full bodied white with a lighter red… Well people were very good at telling the difference – until the nose clips were added to the mix: mayhem! People got it totally wrong, even when they’d been correct originally. Grated sweet potato and carrot were also an impenetrable mystery when tasted this way. We’d learnt our first wine club lesson about the importance of smell and sight to the tasting experience.

The white was a 2006 Chardonnay (Saint Véran: Terres Secretes), and the red a 2007 Beaujolais from Pierre-Marie Chermette: Les Griottes – they’d both cost £9.99.

Next we did two sweetness comparisons, three whites from bone dry to sweet:

A Château di Coing de St Fiacre Muscadet from 2008:Sèvre et Maine (£8.99)

A Pasquiers Sauvignon Blanc from 2008 (£7.99)

And a Piesporter: Peter Mertes Michelsberg from 2007 (£4.99)
Followed by three reds going again from fry to sweeter:

Burke’s of Bordeaux’s Bordeaux Superior Merlot from 2005 (£9.99) – this was a real hit on the night.

A Chilean Merlot: El Caballo from  2009 (£4.99)

An Australia McGuigans Black Label 2008 (2 for £10) – after the previous two reds this, along with the Piesporter were the only two bottles left with wine in at the end of the night…
Next time it’s acidity and tannins – yum. M

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