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The Big Day

Scrumulous has been post free for a few months now: an explanation is in order. One of my brothers tied the knot a few weeks ago, the other brother was best man. Several months ago Adam (the now married) and his partner (now wife) Fiona asked if I’d make the wedding cake – this sounded great and I was delighted to be asked – a nice wedding present for them. Fast forward a few weeks and they pitched the idea that I do all the food. This was super exciting and I was really honoured that they were prepared to trust me with the food for their big day. So that’s what’s kept me busy for a while. I’m hoping to write up all the experiences and experimenting that led up to the day soon (including how Piggy Wiggy Woo turned out). In the mean time, here’s the menu for the wedding, and a picture of the cake, where it all started.




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